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How often do you experience an amygdala hijack?

When did your amygdala last hijack your brain?  You know, when you get in that stress or adrenaline response, and you feel hyper? There’s been plenty of reasons to feel stressed over the last few months.  The news on the TV and radio isn’t usually uplifting. The impact of the weather when the ground is…
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It’s OK to be Not OK

This morning I’ve been not OK.  I was OK when I woke up.  And then I took a side-track from my usual routine of journalling first thing in the morning.  I was overcome with concern about what Gabrielle had in store for our weather today, and that’s where it went downhill.  Off on a FB…
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What is NLP?

Let’s keep this simple.  NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming = the study of success.  NLP tools and strategies can be found in education under the heading of accelerated learning, and if you’ve heard of Tony Robbins, his work is built on a foundation of NLP strategies and models.  Having studied NLP and used it in…
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I See You

This week I commenced a new journey of healing and participated in session one of a six-week grief recovery workshop. During our first session we were sharing our stories about what was said to us in our time of grief as we are all so unprepared for dealing with loss and grief.  We speak from…
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Big Rocks Little Rocks and Holding My Ground

As a coach I’m humbled and honoured to hold the space of grace for business owners, managers, leaders, Mums and Dads and a few teenagers who seek support and guidance for many reasons.  One of the themes I’m witness to over the last two months is distraction and there seems to be a lot of…
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Creating a Life, we Love

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022!  I’m sure some of you are feeling like you’ve been back at work for ages while others are still basking in the glow of summer sun and enjoying the sand between their toes.  As a BNI member I am on the committee for my chapter as Education Co-ordinator. …
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What Opportunities Await You in 2022?

Welcome to 2022! I wonder what opportunities await you in 2022? We’re half way through the first month of 2022 and I imagine there is an incredible array of feelings as we step out into the year. Some of us are well-rested and rejuvenated, some may have worked through, some may have had stat holidays…
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Remember to Count What’s Working

“One way to be kind and gentle with yourself as you learn is to count everything that moves in the right direction.” – L. Michael Hall, Executive Director, Neurosemantics No, it’s not my quote.  I wish it was.  I’ve just read Michaels’ article below and found it inspiring.  It resonates deeply with me as this…
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