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Month: January 2017

Are you Frittering Away Your Time?

My 2 BEST EVER Productivity Tips (that really do work) Did you have few things on your ‘to do’ list to get done over the holidays? I sure did!  For me it was the HUGE pile of papers in the office that I’ve been stockpiling for ‘one day’ that I’d ‘get a round tuit’.  And…
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Ever received a ‘kick in the guts’?

Six Tips on Dealing with Feedback You feel like you’ve been kicked in the guts!  It’s painful.  This wasn’t what you were expecting.  You thought you’d get a response like ‘it was fantastic’ and now you’re hurting.  All you did was ask your colleague what they thought of your work.  You thought it was a great…
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Admitting my Problem to the World

Last year I developed a problem.  It was curable, and didn’t require prescription drugs or a doctors’ visit.  I shared my problem with a few people and then I started devising a strategy to overcome it.  What was my problem?  It was the word ‘busy’.  When people asked me how I was, I would reply…
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