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Month: January 2019

Even Caterpillars Dislike Change!

It’s great weather for being out in the garden and over the last few weeks I’ve taken a close interest into what’s happening with the four abundant swan plants in our garden.  To understand the first part of this story, you might want to read instalment one in an earlier blog. Magic happened again as…
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How often do you check your oil and tyres?

When it comes to maintaining ‘things’ like vehicles and machinery we usually have some form of a process such as a warrant of fitness check or a reminder to pause at a certain number of hours or kilometres.  From a health perspective, these checks happen regularly for check-ups, immunisations and shots, blood tests, checks on…
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It’s magic! Babypillars from nowhere!

What are you noticing around you?  Do you like monarch butterflies?  Have you noticed that there’s not that many around as there used to be?  I have … we got four fully mature, large,luscious, foliage-abundant swan plants courtesy of a friend.  Despite my lack of gardening prowess, these have grown nearly taller than me, with…
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How would you progress if you asked yourself a better question?

How did your first day back at work go?  Today is officially my first day back at my desk and I’m on a mission this year.  2018 threw us a few challenges due to a couple of unexpected events and I knew I was allowing them to consume far too much of my head space,…
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Grateful for a wasp sting? You must be mad!

Yesterday I was stung by one of those nasty paper wasps on the back of my left hand while I was weeding.  Until then, I’d forgotten just how much they burned!  And at the time, I couldn’t remember what my reaction was … do I get an allergic response?  I had that moment of ‘eeekiness’…
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