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What is Havening?

Havening Techniques® are a psycho-sensory technique (I’ll explain this further on), we can use to help us change the way we respond to external events, allowing us to feel calm and in control. Sometimes when we’re feeling stressed or under pressure, we may respond to an event in what might appear to us, or those around us, in a disproportionate way.

Habitual and learned ways of responding can be changed easily by using Havening Touch® which is a gentle, efficient and often rapid way of changing the patterns within our brain without any side effects.
Havening is based on neuroscience and is all about training our brain to respond differently to the issue. Havening can help us with:

• Emotional & psychological trauma
• Feeling anxious
• Fears, phobias & panic
• Shame, guilt & anger
• Chronic pain
• Emotional eating & cravings
• Self-esteem & confidence

How does Havening work?

Havening is a psycho-sensory therapy which means it works with our neurology (the brain) combined with touch. Using touch, we create healing delta waves in our brain. Delta waves are low-frequency brain waves, mainly present during non-REM sleep which is a time of replenishment & reorganisation of the brain, and we harness these brain waves to diminish emotional responses and increase our resilience.

Havening works by triggering this low frequency electro-chemical response which sends a reassurance signal to your brain to alter the mind-body connection. This technique switches off your brain’s ‘alarm system’ response associated with that particular event or issue, and help prevent future unhelpful, unresourceful responses, meaning we can be our best selves in challenging situations.

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Why use Havening?

• Change our emotional state
• Generate new behaviours
• Support our goal-setting
• Build resilience & confidence
• Help us manage stress
• Build resilience
• Increase our performance & wellness
• Assist us with visualisation & generating creativity

If you’d like to become more resourceful and resilient, call me to find out more.

What people have said about Havening with Barbara

“As a person who suffers from anxiety, I went to see Barbara for Havening sessions to see if it would help me. Havening was something I had not experienced before and I’m very grateful that I have now discovered it! Barbara instantly put me at ease the minute I walked into her room. After explaining to me the technique of Havening, we then put it into practice. At the end of our first session, I felt a deep sense of relaxation. Barbara has such a wealth of knowledge around how the brain works. She has taught me so much and it is thanks to her knowledge and Havening skills that I can now learn to live with my anxiety.”

K.Butler, Whangarei

Testimonial on it’s way …

Another happy client

Testimonial on it’s way …

Another happy client

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