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Month: March 2018

The Buddha & the abuse story

Sometimes it’s not up to us to ‘fix’ other peoples’ issues.  How often have you given unsolicited advice?  Told someone what you think they should do?  Quoted a reference or source that you consider could be helpful?  Yes – I certainly have.  Here’s the more important question … did the other person want or ask for, your…
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What’s holding you back?

When you say to yourself “I can’t”, is this true?  I mean is it absolutely true that you can’t?  Or are you telling yourself porkies?  And … if you’re being dishonest with yourself, what is it that you’re avoiding saying?  Challenging questions?  They’re meant to be. The word can’t is a contraction of the word…
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When did you last get clunky?

When we step out of our comfort zone to learn new things, it can be confronting.  Challenging.  When we step into the unknown and learn we may be putting ourselves in a situation of uncertainty and not knowing.  Our confidence can be unsteady as we slowly learn and practice our way back to confidence.   …
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