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Invest for the long-term

A CFO asks a CEO: “What if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”
The CEO responds: “What happens if we don’t invest and they stay?”

Relationships are the most important structures in a business.  The quality of the connections between individuals in an entity will impact on all stakeholder relationships.  How we engage with colleagues and stakeholders impacts significantly on the culture of a work environment, as well as wellbeing, productivity and output.

At mindMoves we specialise in relationship-building skills between human beings. You know it … we use the same biology to interact regardless of the situation we’re in, although there may be differing expectations between our work environment and our non-work environment, right? Either way, how we talk to ourselves and how we behave and interact around others form the fabric of all relationships regardless of where they are located. Knowing how I’m interacting around others is referred to as emotional intelligence. I know if I’m not feeling great or managing myself well, my behaviour can impact on others which isn’t great for them, or for me.

We can work with your teams and groups in a supportive and encouraging environment to help them find new tools and resources.

Communicate effectively to lead yourself & others …

Are you seeking an in-depth training  to support and develop your emotional and leadership intelligence?

Or maybe a one-day workshop on the essentials of developing and maintain relationships will work better for your team?  (This workshop is also a superb refresher). 

Resilience tools and strategies to help yourself & others keep your ‘bounce’ …

We’ve had massive changes in all aspects of our lives; different ways of working; connecting with our friends, families and colleagues through technology. Uncertainty is certain and we may not be feeling our most resourceful selves all of the time. Some of us may be required to support others, regardless of where our own head-space is at.

Join us for our one-day Resilience Skills for Dynamic Times workshop and refresh your helping skills, and maybe sharpen your own strategies too?


Is it time for a pep-up to help reconnect your team?

Want to add some professional and personal development content into your meetings?

Need to comply with your staff wellbeing obligations for health and safety purposes?

We have a variety of one-hour seminars designed to inform and entertain your group.

See what’s readily available, and if you’d like a bespoke experience, let’s chat!

Client Testimonials

About the Charismatic Communication for Leading course …
“…. [this course] it’s about deconstructing communication and reconstructing more effective communications. Most significant for me was how to disentangle communication using the problem ownership model.” 

Joy, DHB

About the one-day Resilience Workshop …
“While the workshop was about resilience, I enjoyed the points that were more related to communication and self-awareness of others … I got a lot out of anchoring and rapport with these tools being something I can use both in my work and home relationships.”

Jon Renes, I Have a Dream Charitable Trust Whangarei

About our one-hour Presentations …
… interesting and well-focused … very relevant professionally and personally and helped create a deeper understanding for my students … it’s also going to influence my teaching practice and has answered some personal questions I have had about successful relationships”

Melissa Bayley, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Whangarei

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