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Month: June 2016

Goals, Blue Elephants and the Magic Question

When partnering with my clients, supporting them to achieve their dreams I am humbled to be sharing that sacred space with them – especially when their eyes light up as if they have realised something for the very first time.  And, one thing I hear often, just before we get to that lightbulb moment, is…
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Time IS on Your Side

Well that’s what the Rolling Stones sang, and I tend to agree.  Yet I hear many people asking why do some people achieve lots and others not?  How come some people can work ‘on’ their biz as well as ‘in’ their biz and seem to get everything done?  I think part of it relates to…
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Where’s your Biz Compass Pointing?

Do you have a strategic profile for your business?  If you do congratulations!  I imagine that some of you may be wondering what on earth that is?  A strategic profile provides you with an outline of what you want to achieve out of your business and is one of the most effective business tools you…
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