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Want to reflect & review on your interpersonal skills?

Want to reflect & review on your interpersonal skills?

We’re so excited to announce that our one-day workshop is coming back in 2019! 

This one-day workshop has been extremely popular with such a wide variety of people from all sorts of industries and businesses. 

Ever wondered why people won’t listen to you?

Do you get tired of repeating yourself over?

Want to improve your connections with your family?  Colleagues? Team?

We’re offering a our one-day Essential Communication Skills workshop on Wednesday the 29th of August from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

If you’d like to take time out to:

  • Assess your current communication skills
  • Understand approaches to dealing with different situations
  • Gain some basic skills to deal with problems
  • Obtain an overview of tools you can use

​Click here for information and register your interest here

“… clear, professional and relaxed.  Really happy with the content covered”. – Deborah Smith, Northern Forest Products

“Very pragmatic and practical advice and great examples of how to apply skills to ‘real life’ situations;   involved audience so it wasn’t us just listening.  … really helpful, practical advice that everyone could relate to and apply to not only work, but also personal relationships.  Training was ‘real’”.  – Louise, Oranga Tamariki

“… if you want to expand your knowledge on communication then this course will help you do this.”  – Chantelle Murray, Coastal Accounting

“Barbara put me outside my comfort zone … but with the excellent content it was easy to work with your partner … great refresher course!  Even if you think you are a great communicator there will be something for you to take away”.  – Katrina Goldie, Coastal Accounting

“This has been the first workshop that I have ever been to that kept my attention the whole time.  Love how interactive it was! … Interesting and made you do what you learnt that day just to help remember a little bit more”.  – Sam Chapman, Coastal Accounting

“Good refresher and reinforcing of skills and tools already in my kete.  Balance to the day was effective, all felt included and valued.  Good presentation; meaningful and real.  Balance of exercises and interactions reflected learning.  Do it!”  – Cathy West,  Northhaven Hospice

“Excellent presentation re: communication skills, that is, conflict situations, rapport, body language, auditory.  Barbara’s explanation of all different situations was easily followed, storytelling was a great way to explain situations.”  – Cushla Hackett, Henderson Reeves.

“The content of the course answered some key queries I had regarding my own communication skills, and has provided me with tools that I will be using from the moment I get home”.  – Kelsi Wood, Dargaville Kindergarten

“Great examples that were easy to relate to, time to practice, notes to add to.  Love that expectations were set out right from the beginning”.  – Jo Johanson.

“Totally put me out of my comfort zones with the role plays, but the environment created made for a good platform to jump in and just give it a go with all learning together and okay to make mistakes while learning.  Enjoyed the day with Barbara, have learnt a lot and hope to be able to use a lot of the techniques with my colleagues”.  – Dene Cheeseman, Northland Kindergarten

“I found a lot of useful skills to use in the workplace”.  – Laura Millington, Club Auto Insurance.

“This workshop put me out of my comfort zone, gave me the tools I need to be a better communicator while having fun.  Thank you Barbara for the games and laughter!   Barbara’s presentation style is warm, fun and challenging.  Everything needed to keep me and the rest of the group engaged.  If you want an engaging delivery of tools that will benefit your business, you should give Barbara a call”.  – Lillian Leathem, Pak’n’Save Whangarei

“The interaction with others and real life scenarios was helpful and a fun way of learning.  Met some really cool people and looking forward to doing some reflective listening at work and at home.  Presented clearly and her interaction with the group was great – kept my attention all day!”  – Linelle Martinovich, Coastal Accounting Ltd

“It has given me a great base to build on.  We covered some clear guidelines/strategies to use to help encourage more positive and open communication lines in everyday life.  Barbara was very inclusive and inviting with this course.  There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and also lots of roleplay to help come to grips with the different communication skills available”.  – Suzy Watkins, Hunting & Fishing.

Was very engaging and I learnt a lot of new things – well worth while”.  – Dylan

“Good pace, good information, clear & concise.  Good interaction& participation – people felt welcome, kept time.  It’s a bit like repeating first aid courses every 2 years as it’s an important topic to keep refreshing & there’s always room for improvement.  This will help you with all your relationships, at home & work & will help you assess situations & help you to have good outcomes.  Good for handling conflict & managing people to build connectedness”.  – Karen Grammer, Nth Regional Council

“For me it was a great extension of some things I already knew & a great introduction to some new strategies.  I liked that the rules were set, time frames were kept to & we were encouraged to practice.  Great content – easily digested & very do-able”.  F. Harris, Kindergarten Teacher.

“Easy to understand with good examples.  Everything was explained with examples & great question answering.  Go do it!  It was very useful, helps improve your communication skills & look at things differently to potentially remove conflict”.  – Vanessa, Club Auto Insurance

“It made me aware that I already had the skills and gave me ideas and thought on how to use them more effectively.  Barbara’s delivery was perfect and kept me engaged all day … it is well worth it!!!”  – Georgie Whittaker, NorthTec

“I felt with the narrow time frame Barbara was able to teach her messages very well.  She related with the group, provided real world scenarios.  Give her a go – you won’t be disappointed.”  – Braden, Club Auto.

“…Loved refreshing some excellent skills and reminding me how to approach certain situations.  Covered a lot of amazing skills in one-day and showed us how to work through situations for all types and laces – work, home, social, conflict etc … you will find you are more equipped to deal with so many different situations without needing to shout or walk away feeling like nothing was resolved … I feel empowered to deal with the world, knowing I have the skills to get through the good and the bad – certainly put things in perspective.”  – H. Robinson.

“It is a comfortable supportive and interesting day with lots of new knowledge to act on.” – Eve Barker, North Haven Hospice

“Barbara’s delivery, inclusion and ability to keep people engaged makes it easy to listen, obtain and retain the content of the course … her ability to relate to everyone and using real life examples to demonstrate the content of the course.”  – Emma O’Sullivan, Coastal Accounting

“Really had some ‘lights on’ moments … was very pertinent to the situations I have been frustrated by at work.  Easy to understand, explained the course material well.  Good exercises and group participation.  A fun day and very useful with something for everyone regardless of how good a communicator you think you are.”  – Kat, Whangarei

“Very eye opening and useful for everyday life and work life.”  – Danielle, Club Auto

“Easy to follow, good information and practice.”  – Fraser, Whangarei

“I felt that there were lots of different approaches, examples, stories and discussion to put everything into context.  She listened to everyone’s different scenarios and applied the course to suit – everyone got valuable learning time as individuals and in the group.  This course will definitely help people to get a better understanding of the dynamics of communication.  It provided tools which we can use to improve our personal and working relationships across the board, in various scenarios.” – Hayley Sharp, Northland Regional Council.