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The Lessons that Autumn Leaves

The Lessons that Autumn Leaves

Every morning for the last few weeks I’ve been watching the changes happening in our trees.  When the sunrise hits them just right, the leaves glow like precious jewels above the leaf litter on the ground.  Every morning for the last few weeks I’ve been saying to myself “I’d love to take some photos of those glorious leaves”, and every morning for the last few weeks, there’s been something more important to do than what my brain says is ‘mucking around taking photos’. 

This morning … I took some photos.  It was cold outside as the temperature had dropped as it does, just before the sun rises and the tree was aglow again. 

As I observed the leaves in all their sunny glory, it struck me that like the leaves, sometimes we hang onto things when they no longer serve us.  Like the green leaves hanging on the tree holding off until the inevitable.  This reminded me of my thought pattern, “You’ve got more important things to do.”  Or the one I was brought up with, “work first play later”.  This morning I played … before the work and heaven forbid, before I’d had my breakfast!!   I know, you might laugh; however that’s how my brain has been trained to work.  What thought patterns and habits are you holding on to? 

Thinking that we need to ‘get things done before I …(you fill in the gap)”, could be the path to stress and burnout.  Taking time out in the day to play, enjoy, bask in nature and breathe is vital for our sanity.   For me, that’s a big change in thinking.    

As I learn from the leaves, I notice they’re chameleons, changing colour and letting go of the tree that birthed them, as they turn various shades of yellow and red and brown and flutter to the ground for their next contribution to this earth.  Every night for the last few weeks I’ve made time to scuff my feet through the millions of leaves on the ground and play with the kitty boys under the trees as the sun sets.  It’s liberating.  The sound of the leaves rustling over my feet and the cats as they pounce and leap combined with feel of the crunching and the world turning pink is pure joy. 

Make time in your day to play.  When did you last go rolling in the leaves and scuffing your feet through the leaf litter?