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First Book of 2021!

First Book of 2021!

Delightment today as I completed my first book for 2021 over lunch! 

This book was part of my 2019 Christmas package of books which I started and completed today.  A great assortment of graphs from Michelle Riall for nearly every type of dillemma from overthinking how to deal with daily routines through to overthinking the subject line.  I certaqinly have my favourites and have shared a few of these with clients already, especially the graph on “What if I fail?”

Full of graphics and info and infographics presented in creative and amusing ways, you’re bound to find a ‘fav’ in amongst the many she has included.  I enjoyed this fun, lighthearted, with a hint of seriousness, read!  

You can visit the website of Michelle Rial here and you can purchase her book at Whitcoulls Whangarei or online at Fishpond here.  Enjoy!!