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BJ Projects has an Office in Whangarei!

BJ Projects has an Office in Whangarei!

We’re excited to have a permanent office space based inside Colab at 17 Hannah Street, Whangarei.  Yes – it’s finally happened!  After 12 years of working from home, we’ve made the move into town. 

Colab is a relatively new collaborative working space which includes two large training rooms and a small meeting room as well as a co-working space.  We’ve taken over one of the meeting rooms, added a desk, bookcase, table and a couple of chairs and voila!  We’re up and running.  Parking is metered and unlimited right outside the door and there are a couple of free carparks within a three-block walk.  One of the bonuses of this venue is that we can deliver our courses and trainings on-site which will be a huge time-saver.  

Starting from where you are and taking small steps is something we advocate in our trainings and with our clients.  It may not be perfect, and, by starting from where you are you may need to flex, shape, mould and grow to where you really want to be.  That is our cunning plan for 2020.  We have a few developments that we will stage over the next few months, so watch this space!  

What’s your cunning plan for the year?  If you’d like to chat about what direction you’d like to take or what’s next for you, we can help with one-on-one coaching.  If you’d like an obligation-free compatibility check please phone to book a time.