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Are you Deep in Your ‘Do-Do’?

Are you Deep in Your ‘Do-Do’?

I have been deep in the ‘doing’ (or ‘do-do’ as I refer to it), for some months now.  When you’re deep in your do-do it’s easy to lose perspective, take short cuts, rush, focus on the ‘list’ and forget to remember that life is for living not doing.

Over the last few months I’ve been deep in the doing of work and meeting a study deadline amongst all the other life activities we are involved in, and taking time to smell the roses has been a ‘sometimes’ thing rather than a deliberate, daily, in the now opportunity to sit and ‘be’.  When I was mourning the recent loss of our beautiful fur-baby, the grief came from deep within me, deeper than I thought it would, and it made me realise just how much I’d been stuffing into my days and weeks.  Like the energiser bunny, we run out of energy at some point.  This was my ‘some point’.  It’s time to make time and deliberately take time out to enjoy, appreciate and be a slower me. 

This recent weekend I made time to attend the Vegan Expo.  I spent hours there … eating, listening to speakers, talking with friends and strangers and enjoying myself.  I was in the moment.  Among other amazing people, I met a lovely lady, Latesha Randall who was behind a table of coconut yogurt products with her partner Sebastian Walter.  What caught my eye wasn’t the yogurt, but the books on her table.  A pile of them bearing the title ‘The To-Be List’.  Now I love lists (it means I have stuff to do, and I feel organised) and I have a book addiction – double tick.  I flicked through the book and it felt different and very special.  Latesha and I started chatting about her book, that it was published by Blue Mountain Arts (who print glorious books and cards, hence the feel of the pages), and that she was an author living in Raglan.  We know some people in common through the field of NLP etc, etc.  I purchased the book and I’m inspired! 

My inspiration around this book isn’t purely selfish.  So many people I work alongside and with, and many of my friends and family, (including me) are deep in their own do-do.  So what  would happen if I shared my journey of getting back to being a human being (HBe) rather than a human doing?  The book will help me I’m sure.  So … each Monday on the BJ Projects FB page, I’ll be posting a page from the book and setting out my challenge for the week.  And, I’ll have to be accountable – right?   I think it will be fun.  And you could join in if you wanted?  How cool would that be?  And Latesha (well, it was Tesh who signed my book for me), has given me her blessing to share … so off we go with week one. 

Will you join me in making an effort to get out of your own ‘do-do’ and back to being a HBe?

Acknowledgement:  ‘The To-Be List – 70 Reminders that Life is about Being not Doing’ by Latesha Randall with Sebastian Walter