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A One-Day Communication Workshop

A One-Day Communication Workshop

We’re so excited to announce that our one-day course is open to the public!! 

Ever wondered why people won’t listen to you?

Do you get tired of repeating yourself over?

Want to improve your connections with your family?  Colleagues? Team?

We’re offering a our one-day Essential Communication Skills workshop on Wednesday the 29th of August from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

If you’d like to take time out to:

  • Assess your current communication skills
  • Understand approaches to dealing with different situations
  • Gain some basic skills to deal with problems
  • Obtain an overview of tools you can use

​Click here for information and register your interest here

“It was really practical and exposed the blocks for effective communication and ventured upon tools for effective communication”.

“… clear, concise examples of how to use skills, I statements, reflective listening, rapport etc and used humour and movement to engaged us … loads of valuable information within this course…”