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A new Addiction – Tsundoku

A new Addiction – Tsundoku

Wow!  I’ve found a word for my addiction!  When I found this interesting blog on Facebook by Melissa Bryer, my heart skipped a beat to know I’m not alone!

Yes – I too am an addict.  This year seems to be a year for recognising my addictions.  My sugar addiction is being managed and now it’s time to admit the next … I’m addicted to books!  And when I think about it, this addiction isn’t one I’m quite so eager to ditch.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a BIG pile of books, made all too easy by on-line shopping I must confess, and my bookshelf is bowed under the weight of the knowledge it stores.  I know that I’ll get there, eventually, and if I don’t, or if plan A doesn’t work out, I figure I can start my own book store! 

It’s lovely to refer back to books when I want to find a piece of information.  I enjoy the smell of the paper and the fact that I have something tangible in my hand that doesn’t glow back at my face.  I can hold the book anywhere, bend it, write on it, flip the page back and forth and know exactly where I am … not quite so easy with a device.  Although I’m sure device-lovers have a counter-point to each of mine.  A book feels like more of a treasure to me. 

Recently, when I was preparing to deliver a facilitated values session for a client, a quick scan through my shelves found a wonderful resource book called ‘Leading through Values’.  Not one of the ones I had read, I must admit, however a quick skim through the index to the correct pages and magic – the information I needed to know appeared before my eyes.  Yes – I know Aunty Google has everything I need as well as everything I don’t know that I need, however there’s still a place in my heart for a good book. 

Thank you for the article Melissa and the new word to add to my vocab.  I am addicted to Tsundoku and I have no intention of giving up … well not yet anyway!  Bring on the summer holidays so I can indulge in a little more reading.